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Machine Counter Comparison

Upgreen Machine Counter


As you can see, the Machine Counter in picture isn’t prefect. We just take one from desktop randomly to compare with others. Though there’s some scratch on surface, but ours is still prefect.

Brand Machine Counter


This is the one we just bought of other brand.

Everything seems fine, except the glass is a little bit blur, text gears are not on same track.

Upgreen Counter Internal


By open the case,You can see the perfect symmetry.

No slanting at all. Exceptional accuracy.

Brand Counter Internal


Internal structure. Don’t know, it’s messy and still left some glue.

Obviously, The glue the plastic case with structure.

Upgreen Counter Internal Side View


Side view of internal.

All the parts are clean, clear, and has some design.

Brand Counter Internal Side View


Side view of internal structure. Text are not straight.

Upgreen Counter Internal Side View 2


View of another side.

Smooth, Silk, Prefect.

Brand Counter Internal Side View 2


View of another side internal structure.

Gears are not straight too.

Upgreen Counter Gear Buffer


The lines are clear and sharp

Brand Counter Gear Buffer


You know want we are going to tell you.

Upgreen Counter Text Gear


Textgear is the soul of counter.

We set the high stander for our self on every degree, only for prefect art.

Brand Counter Text Gear


Textgear is blunt, which leads to inaccuracy.

You can also see the huge number of scratches came from improper processing.

Upgreen Counter Text Gear 2


Textgear is the soul of counter.

As you can see the surface. It’s clear and prefect with every degree.

Brand Counter Text Gear 2


Same blunt. This is the biggest difference of Good counter and bad one.

Upgreen Counter Wheel Axle


Wheel Axle is power to enable the soul.

Just like Text Gear.

Hight stander on every degree.

Brand Counter Wheel Axle


Let us guess, What made axle became rusted?

Whatever the answer is.

The quality isn’t good enough obviously

Overall Conclusion


Upgreen Machine Counter

Other Brand Machine Counter

The only truth we want share with you is ACCURANCY.


The quality of this is not really good. Nevertheless,we aware that they selling it in many place. When we testing the product,the click button didn’t work. We can only spin the wheel, but the textgear is not straight. Can you stand such an unreliable counter with your business?