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  • Premium Machine Counter LB-5

Premium Machine Counter LB-5

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Upgreen’s LB machine counters are optimum to install in machines to measure its production output rate. Its small size makes it available to use in almost any size of equipment. It is the ideal counter for machines that produce several units during a single batch.

There are two things that its users should do: fix it in a visibly comfortable position and attach the shaft to the machine with the correct ratio. Each one whole clockwise rotation will add one unit count to the number display. Rotating it counterclockwise will decrease the unit count. Let’s discuss the main features of Upgreen LB-5 premium machine counter.

Features of LB-5 Premium Machine Counter

The main feature of LB-5 is its set of five display rollers that corresponds for five digits, located in the center. These rollers have ten sections, which are digits 0 to 9. The advantage of having five rollers is its capability to display one of 100,000 numbers, from 0 to 99,999.

For example, it is the optimum counter if your business needs to count something that amounts to around 20 items per minute, it will result in approximately 10,000 for eight hours and about 50,000 for five 8-hour working days.

It also has a reset knob at the left, which turns back all the digits to zero position no matter what the display is. It is helpful for businesses that operate in cycles. 

Other features of LB-5 Premium Machine Counter

The display is readable at a considerable distance thanks to its font and color contrast. The product hides the unused digits well, making it look clean and professional. Because of the excellent font choice, there are no ambiguous looking digits, which helps the user read the number accurately.

In the shaft is a lever installed by factory default. This short lever is helpful if the user chooses to operate it by hand. However, there is also an option to remove it by unscrewing and attaching it to a machine.


A black, rigid metal box encloses the whole unit. There are four circular slots located at the back, provided for fixing screws. There is an elegant manufacturer’s logo on the top left of the digital display to top it off. 

Digital 5
Direction Top Going
Reset KNOB
MaxSpeed 1000
Packing 1PC/BOX, 10PCS/MID BOX, 200PCS/CTN
NWGW 18KGS/20KGS/1.5'


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Direction Top Goining
Digital 5
Reset KNOB
MaxSpeed 1000
Packing 1PC/BOX, 10PCS/MID BOX, 200PCS/CTN
NWGW 18KGS/20KGS/1.5'

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